FEICA 2015 European Adhesive & Sealant Conference and EXPO

28 August 2015

9 – 11 September 2015, Vilamoura, Portugal

How to reduce risk and accelerate growth in new applications, Dr Herve Heinrich, Director of Commercial Acceleration Solutions, SpecialChem

Almost 500 delegates will attend the FEICA 2015 conference in Vilamoura! For the break out session entitled ‘Reboot your business for growth’, FEICA interviews Dr Herve Heinrich of SpecialChem to get to the bottom of what attendees can expect to learn about rebooting their new application development to accelerate their process and increase their prospect of success.

FEICA: Why have you accepted to present at FEICA conference?
Herve Heinrich: When FEICA business leaders invited me to speak at this year’s forum on the overarching topic of "Changing Industries – Future Focus”, I couldn’t refuse. SpecialChem never misses the FEICA conference – it’s the best adhesives conference for Europe’s formulators and raw materials suppliers to get first-hand knowledge into trends and issues in the adhesive and sealant industry. And the breakout session where I will present is entitled ‘Reboot your business for growth’ – a topic that is perfectly aligned with what we at SpecialChem Commercial Acceleration advise our clients today – to achieve long-term growth, suppliers need to reboot to focus on new application development.

FEICA: So what can attendees expect to learn from you about developing new applications in adhesives and sealants?
Herve Heinrich: The title of my presentation sums it up – attendees will learn "How to reduce risk and accelerate growth in new applications”. Every company tries or has tried to expand into new applications. But most do it with limited success and at high risk. Data from multiple studies and surveys, including our own annual survey of over 500 chemical industry executives and managers, support this trend to develop in new applications and give insight into the challenges faced. I will share this data, as well as SpecialChem’s experience working with over 200 suppliers over the past 15 years in advising and executing commercial acceleration programs. I will offer practical advice on a proven process integrating digital channels and multidisciplinary teams that will accelerate new application development success, and thereby lower risk to underachieve growth targets.

FEICA: What are the 3 key take-aways that you hope to deliver to attendees?

Get the full story in Herve Heinrich’s presentation
Thursday 10 September 2015 at 16:30

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