Focus on construction: Polyurea coatings solutions

20 December 2023

In the dynamic landscape of modern construction, the choice of protective coatings plays a pivotal role in ensuring longevity, durability and structural integrity. Here, Rui Correia, Salesman at Portugal’s Flexpur, discusses the company’s Polyblock product, its flagship Polyurea brand that has emerged as a solution for a spectrum of applications, ranging from metallic structures and water tanks to swimming pools, traffic flooring and terraces.

Polyblock’s application in metallic structures, including metallic bridges, off-shore metallic structures and metallic water tanks, transforms the landscape of corrosion protection. The advanced Polyurea formula creates a robust barrier against environmental elements, preventing corrosion and ensuring the structural integrity of metallic surfaces. Its seamless application adapts to complex geometries, providing a protective shield that extends the lifespan of these structures.

In the realm of water storage, Polyblock emerges as the go-to choice for safeguarding potable water. Its chemical resistance ensures the purity of stored water, meeting stringent quality standards. The quick-curing properties of Polyblock minimise downtime during application, allowing for swift commissioning of water tanks. Polyblock’s flexible and durable nature accommodates the dynamic environment of swimming pools, resisting the impact of chemicals and harsh weather conditions. The quick curing time minimises disruption, allowing for a prompt return to pool activities.

Polyblock’s application extends to terraces, where it serves as a transformative solution for weatherproofing. The Polyurea coating creates a seamless, impermeable layer, shielding terraces from the damaging effects of UV rays, rain, and temperature fluctuations. This not only enhances the aesthetics but also ensures the longevity of the terrace structure.

Polyblock doesn’t just meet industry standards; it surpasses them with cutting-edge technology. The formulation undergoes rigorous testing to ensure superior adhesion, flexibility and chemical resistance. This commitment to technological excellence positions Polyblock as an industry leader in the realm of Polyurea coatings.

Flexpur understands that each project comes with its own set of challenges. Polyblock isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a tailored answer to specific needs. Our expert team collaborates with clients to understand their requirements, developing customised Polyurea solutions that address challenges unique to their projects.


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Sustainability at the core

Polyblock isn’t just about performance; it’s about responsible practices. At Flexpur, sustainability is ingrained in our ethos. Polyblock formulations, including primers and top coats, prioritise environmentally friendly practices. They are produced with vegetable-based raw materials, aligning with global efforts towards a greener, more sustainable future.

The pitfall of hybrid alternatives

In the realm of protective coatings, the choice between Polyblock’s 100% polyurea composition and hybrid alternatives is more than just a matter of cost — it’s a decision that defines the longevity and performance of your investments. Polyblock Polyurea, distinguished by its high-performance mechanical properties and pure composition, stands as a testament to uncompromising quality in the face of hybrid competitors.

Polyblock’s 100% pure formulation allows for exceptional strength, flexibility and durability. Whether applied to metallic structures, water tanks, swimming pools, or terraces, Polyblock provides a level of performance that surpasses industry standards. The material’s unique composition ensures a robust protective layer that stands up to the harshest environmental conditions. This commitment to purity is integral to its exceptional performance.

While hybrid alternatives may appear tempting due to lower upfront costs, they come with inherent drawbacks. The mixture of different materials in hybrids often leads to compromised mechanical properties. These coatings may exhibit reduced strength, limited flexibility, and a shorter lifespan compared to the excellence of pure Polyblock Polyurea.

Cost-effectiveness: A long-term perspective

While Polyblock Polyurea may have a marginally higher initial cost,the extended lifespan and reduced need for frequent reapplications make Polyblock a sound investment, outweighing any short-term savings offered by cheaper hybrid alternatives.

Polyblock Polyurea isn’t just a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a material that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your projects. Our expert team collaborates closely with clients to understand their requirements, ensuring that Polyblock delivers optimal performance in diverse applications.

The Polyblock range consists of three types of Polyurea:

  • Polyblock 400: Excellent mechanical properties in terms of tensile and abrasion resistance, as well as flexibility.
  • Polyblock 401: High performance in terms of Hardness, Elasticity, and Abrasion Resistance, compared to other coatings.
  • Polyblock 403: Extremely effective when applied to substrates with excessive flexibility or movement.

Polyblock characteristics:

*CE marked in accordance with European standards: EN 1504-2 and EN 13813

*Version validated for use in equipment in contact with drinking water through external analysis in accordance with European standards: EN 1287-1, EN 14395-1, EN 14718 and EN 15768.


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Assisted by two Polyurethane Primers and two Polyurethane Top-Coats:

  • Polyblock P610: Designed to enhance adhesion where the polyurea system can be applied. It serves as an effective adhesion promoter between cured layers.
  • Polyblock P620: Specifically crafted to increase adhesion and improve the flatness of rough substrates where the polyurea system can be applied.
  • Polyblock TC710: With low viscosity, it enables airless application, ensuring excellent coverage.
  • Polyblock TC720: Forms a resilient and robust film that is elastic and continuous, exhibiting outstanding physical and mechanical properties.

At Flexpur, we want to emphasise that our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond just providing noteworthy products. We understand the pivotal role that support and training play in ensuring the success of our clients and users. The Flexpur team is dedicated to offering ongoing assistance to applicators, imparting valuable training to enhance their skills. We take pride in cultivating a relationship built on trust, where our clients can rely on us not only for topnotch products but also for continuous support. It is our firm belief that by prioritising your success, we contribute to the overall excellence and longevity of your investments.

The exceptional durability of Flexpur’s Polyurea coatings ensures a lasting shield against challenging environmental conditions, guaranteeing the longevity of assets. Its versatility across various applications, from industrial flooring to waterproofing, showcases its adaptability to diverse needs. The rapid application of Flexpur Polyurea minimises downtime, allowing for swift resumption of operations. Moreover, Flexpur’s commitment to custom solutions ensures that each project’s unique challenges and requirements are met with precision and expertise. Importantly, Flexpur embraces environmental responsibility by prioritising eco-friendly practices in its formulations, aligning seamlessly with your dedication to a greener future.

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