Focus on construction: Promoting the power of polyurea

18 December 2023

Having set its sights on revolutionising the polyurea industry in the Middle East, Delta Coatings International is on a mission to showcase polyurea’s superior performance and reliability compared to older legacy technologies

Through strategic leadership, increased awareness campaigns and partnerships with local applicators, Delta is working to educate engineers, architects, applicators and facility owners and managers on the significant benefits of polyurea coatings. With a clear commitment to increasing the understanding and adoption of polyurea technology coatings as the best-in-class offering, Delta aims to advance the competitiveness and reputation of its products.

R&D and new product development

Recently, Delta announced its foray into the growing roll-on, waterproofing coatings category. Reacting to increasing customer demand and the growing ready-to-use waterproofing phenomena, Delta has invested heavily in R&D and launched its next generation, hand applied PROSeal product as part of its DELTAShield range.

PROSeal is a convenient hand applied, cold cured Polyurea waterproofing membrane with excellent physical strength and high elongation. PROSeal provides significant application advantages due to its speed of application and rapid curing. This roll-on product can be walked on within minutes, eliminating physical damage risk from unexpected rain, follow on trades or clean-up activities.

The major industry benefits of this new roll-on product, which is delivered in a dual can set, include:

  • Expensive spray equipment is not required
  • Rapid 30-minute drying time
  • Quick one coat application achieves required DFT.
  • No reinforcing mesh or fibres necessary
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent physical characteristics
  • Superior thermal stability in extreme climatic conditions

Paul Symons, Commercial Director at Delta Coatings International commented: “We believe that PROSeal will be a game changer. Demand for a ready-to-use, hand-applied liquid waterproofing product with superior mechanical strength is significant. We have observed an evolution in the coatings market where demand remains high for the superior benefits of polyurea, but many customers are understandably reluctant to commit to the capital expenditure necessary for expensive, hot spray application equipment. Delta has responded to this need through R&D, launching this next-generation roll on polyurea-based technology. Our new range of hand-applied products will significantly expand the overall market for polyurea-based solutions, gaining significant market share from slower curing, less durable alternatives.”


Manufacturing in the Middle East: PPCJ speaks to Delta Coatings

Highly durable and versatile

PROSeal is characterised by its versatility, due to its compatibility with pre-existing waterproofing systems.  Failed existing waterproofing systems can be quickly and securely overcoated with PROSeal reducing costs and time normally associated with having to remove failed waterproofing systems first.

PROSeal is a liquid applied, seamless waterproofing membrane making the sealing of complex substrate shapes, plant and equipment fitments, upstands etc. a simple process compared to cutting and joining sheet membranes. PROSeal can transgress multiple substrate types in a single application, simplifying the application process and guaranteeing a secure watertight seal even on complex projects.

Additionally, the product’s ability to conform precisely to complex substrate shapes eliminates potential stress points when overlaid with final floor slabs or other toppings, such as pavers, making it an ideal choice for most construction projects. PROSeal’s exceptional crack bridging properties, coupled with excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, such as concrete, steel, aluminium, wood, and foam, make it a durable solution across diverse applications. 

Common applications encompass waterproofing for rooftops, terraces, planter boxes and balconies, with additional utility in the form of overcoating of pre-existing waterproofing acrylics, bitumen and asphalt membranes, EPDM and PVC membranes. Furthermore, the range of uses extend to waterproofing in all general construction, beneath rooftops, wet areas beneath tiled surfaces, and the remediation of mechanical damage incurred by hot sprayed Polyurea lining systems.

PROSeal’s primary customer base comprises mostly of property maintenance service providers, facilities management companies and general contractors specialising in snagging projects, as well as waterproofing companies seeking touch-up or remedial solutions – a retail consumer variation for DIY and household repairs is also in the pre-release stages.

PROSeal is available to new clients based in south east Asia and around the world. Delta also manufactures and supplies customised solutions for corrosion, abrasion and impact protection.

Caption: A turnkey project in Hong Kong

Turnkey project delivery services

As an award-winning coatings system house, Delta Coatings has been providing world-class polyurea, polyurethane and polyaspartic-based coating solutions to clients across the MENA region since 2003. However, over recent years, we have expanded our turnkey project services for delivering major turnkey waterproofing and protective coating solutions for lagoons and water parks, residential and commercial projects, and large-scale desalination, water reservoir and wastewater treatment plants.

Examples include Umm Al Quwain Desalination Plant, Jebel Ali Sewage Treatment Plant, Meydan Crystal Lagoons, Mohammed Bin Rashid City, and Emaar Beachfront District Cooling Plant.

Delta offers the unique benefit of our single supplier advantage as part of our turnkey project delivery model, where Delta Coatings completes all stages of major waterproofing projects, as both manufacturer and applicator. This means Delta Coatings is responsible for the supply, planning, management and execution phases of all coating and lining projects without the involvement of third-party vendors or applicators.

Delta Coating takes on turnkey waterproofing projects in south east Asia through a mix of its own fly-in, fly-out technical teams and local applicator partners in key growing markets, such as India, Thailand and Vietnam.

When undertaking major infrastructure projects around the world, having a qualified and highly experienced technical team is key to achieving successful project delivery. That’s why Delta maintains a crew of specialised fly-in, fly-out experts who travel to project sites to manage large scale projects and ensure internationally benchmarked standards are met.

In the past, we have successfully delivered major projects in Pakistan, India and Europe, and as far afield as New Zealand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

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Delta Coatings is a member of the Polyurea Development Association Europe

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