Foreword by FEICA

20 August 2012

FEICA has great pleasure in welcoming you to Paris for the 8th World Adhesive and Sealant Conference. The WAC is the only event for the A&S Industry where stakeholders from all over the world meet and share ideas, so we are delighted to see so many of you here.

The last few years have been challenging for many of us. We believe the only way to move forward is to create our own future. Hence the slogan of WAC2012.

Innovation is paramount and the A&S Industry has always been a leader in developing new technologies and applications. The importance of providing sustainable solutions for our customers was recognised by our industry early on. The pressure on raw material supplies has increased the need to be more inventive than ever and the programme of the WAC2012 reflects this.

Three days of presentations, debate and networking might leave you spoilt for choice so here is a spotlight on some of the topics in the speakers programme. With over 70 speakers from around the globe; large A&S producers as well as SMEs, suppliers to the industry, the academic world, a member of the EU Parliament, you may find the Final Programme indispensable to plan your day.

In the Break Out Sessions on Wednesday, September 19, in the first session ‘Towards a Sustainable Future’, Dr Hermann Onusseit will explain the history of sustainable development in the adhesive industry and give an outlook on the challenges ahead. Mr Jason M Anderson will show how Novomer is using waste CO2 to create novel renewable polyols for adhesive applications. In the Break Out Session ‘Outlook on Sustainable Global Regulations’, Dr Joanne Lloyd, Director of REACHReady, will outline in her talk what an ‘exposure scenario’ is and what effect it is having on the adhesives and sealants industry.

Wednesday afternoon continues with ‘The Technology Revolution’ where the latest developments are shown in Silane Terminated Systems, Hot Melts, Reactive Systems and PSA, each with their dedicated Break Out Session.
Luc Peeters of Kaneka presents the latest developments and future trends in moisture curable silane polymer technology. Dr Jerrold Miller from Arizona Chemical will discuss what impacts thermal and oxidative stability, the relation to char formation and how new technology can be used to reduce downtime while maintaining excellent adhesion properties. Philippe Jeantet, Huntsman Advanced Materials, will disclose case studies from various fields in the composite markets where new structural adhesives are suitable for a wide range of high demanding performances.

On Thursday morning September 20, Session 3 ‘Secure Raw Material Sourcing’ gives the floor to raw material suppliers, A&S producers and institutes, presenting different approaches and solutions for this challenge. Alessandro Visconti will give a strategic view on the price volatility of the natural raw material markets and the implications for risk management. Dr Sören Butz will give the perspective of Synthomer on the changes that pressure-sensitive adhesives sourcing is facing.
The final session on Friday morning September 21, is all about ‘Creating Value – Entrepreneurship … Design … Innovation’. Topics showcase a variety of examples of value creation through new applications, innovative management models, advanced customer services or by expanding into emerging markets. Demands for weight-saving activities are increasing, particularly in the automotive and aviation industries, as will be demonstrated in the Break Out Session ‘Adhesives as Enabler for Lightweigt Design’.

David P Nick (DPNA International) and Monique von Dungen (CHEM Research GmbH) will host the BRICS Countries Alliance Forum where representatives from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa discuss with the audience why the alliance between their countries works and how this relates to the A&S Industry.

Please don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Expo on Thursday afternoon September 20, where more than 50 exhibitors are presenting their company and latest developments.

And let’s not forget what is perhaps the most important, the people. WAC2012 has an extensive Social Programme where you can meet and share ideas, the Welcome Cocktail Boat Cruise on the Seine River and the WAC2012 Dinner.
We hope you enjoy your time in Paris, perhaps make new friends and have new insights from WAC2012 to take home afterwards.

Bernard Ghyoot, Secretary General, FEICA

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