Galactic Sparkle: The new Miraval® Cosmic pigment range from Merck

26 August 2015

Merck, a leading company for innovative and top-quality high-tech products in the healthcare, life science and performance materials sectors, is launching a new decorative effect pigment: Miraval® Cosmic Gold. The new pigment with the cosmic name is the first product in the Miraval® Cosmic range, which follows Miraval® Scenic and Miraval® Magic.

The strengths of the new pigment range include tremendous hiding power, extraordinary brilliance and intensive colouring for high-quality, fascinating designs. The new series features particle sizes and properties similar to those of the transparent Miraval® Magic but stands out due to its more intensive mass tone. With stronger colour coverage and a lively sparkle, it is supposed to call to mind shining stars – even at low concentrations. Miraval® Cosmic Gold is based on synthetic calcium aluminium borosilicate, as are all Miraval® pigments. With powerful golden sparkle, tremendous brilliance and intensive lustre, it pushes product design forward into completely new dimensions. In numerous plastics applications, such as extrusion, extrusion blow moulding, flat film extrusion or injection moulding and in a wide variety of printing processes, such as flexographic, offset, screen and gravure printing and over-print varnishing – Miraval® Cosmic Gold provides trademark owners, designers, plastics and coating manufacturers, as well as print shops with a completely new tool for stylings of extraordinary, brilliant colour intensity.
A further advantage of Miraval® Cosmic Gold is that it harmonises superbly with gold pigments from Merck for the cosmetics and food industries. Alexander Peters, Director Global Marketing Decorative Materials within Pigments & Functional Materials, describes the additional dimensions of the new pigments for a consistent, uniform brand experience as follows: "According to the principle of ‘inside meets outside’, our new product thus enables innovative, attractive and coherent overall concepts for the contents and packaging.”
The galactic mission will soon go further: In autumn, Merck will launch Miraval® Cosmic Bronze, giving the printing world and plastics manufacturers intensive interstellar bronze tones; the market can expect to see the powerful silver tones of Miraval® Cosmic Silver in 2016.

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