Henkel launches Loctite Pulse Smart Steam Trap for digital monitoring of industrial steam systems

18 April 2023

As one of the global leaders in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, Henkel offers a broad portfolio for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) in more than 800 industry segments. Based on long-standing expertise across the MRO markets, the Adhesive Technologies business unit is continuously driving smart maintenance solutions to create even more value for its customers. Therefore, Henkel introduced Loctite Pulse in 2021, which offers data-enabled technologies for enhancing existing maintenance processes and increasing plant safety, productivity, sustainability and uptime. With Loctite Pulse Smart Steam Trap, the company now has launched a further innovative solution to this growing smart maintenance portfolio.

Loctite Pulse Smart Steam Trap is a solution that monitors the health of steam traps and supports the prediction of critical failures. With a set of easy-to-install nano sensors applied at the inlet and outlet of the steam trap, the solution continuously gathers information about the status of the equipment. Using highly sensitive sensors and intelligent analytics, Loctite Pulse can detect malfunctions at a very early stage and help predict and prevent energy losses and damage to the plant. The operator receives information about changes in the steam trap’s status via the easy-to-use Loctite Pulse app, allowing them to act rather than react.

Loctite Pulse Smart Steam Trap has been designed for the monitoring of assets, supporting the current needs of industrial maintenance: efficient operations, increasing uptime, saving energy losses, and thus reducing the CO2 footprint. The new solution offers a smart technology to increase the efficiency, safety and sustainability of industrial plants while saving costs and resources.

Dr. Kourosh Bahrami, Corporate Vice President, General Manufacturing and Maintenance, Henkel Adhesive Technologies, explains: “Loctite Pulse Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions are designed to elevate operational efficiency to the next level, by continuously monitoring the equipment’s health status. Based on our extensive expertise in the field of industrial maintenance, we are aiming to drive the potentials of digitalisation to create additional value for our customers. Thus, we extend our offering via digital services that combine our industrial knowledge with the latest in sensor technology, smart materials and data analytics, helping customers to bring their maintenance into the digital era.”

In addition to Loctite Pulse Smart Steam Trap, the growing Loctite Pulse portfolio includes the Smart Flange, which helps monitor critical flanges, supports the detection of early leakages, and reduces the risk of serious incidents. In future, Henkel aims to launch further solutions for the smart monitoring of a broad variety of critical assets across industries, all managed via one single Loctite Pulse app. Major customers in the oil and gas and chemical industries, such as Shell or H&R Group, have already installed Loctite Pulse smart solutions in their plants, using the benefits of simple and fast installation and rapid scaling.

The Loctite Pulse solutions are showcased in the Henkel Adhesive Inspiration Center Düsseldorf where customers can attend a demonstration of the sensor technology and Loctite Pulse app during their visit. The customer journey then continues in the Lighthouses (Persil and Pritt production sites in Düsseldorf) where Henkel has already installed its own Loctite Pulse technology and can share how it monitors assets in-house.

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