Heubach launches influential Automotive Styling Shades 2027 Trendbook at ECS: “Plan B for Planet A”

28 March 2023

The new Heubach Group, a market leader in diversified organic, inorganic and anti-corrosive pigments, pigment preparations, dyes and speciality materials has announced the latest edition of its automotive colour previews: Automotive Styling Shades 2027 Trendbook, ‘Plan B for Planet A’.

In doing so, the new Heubach Group continues Clariant’s BU Pigments tradition of the biennial colour trend forecasting of the ‘Automotive Styling Shades Trendbook’ series.

Titled ‘Plan B for Planet A’, the 2027 Trendbook is about the many aspects which make our planet worth living on and fighting for: Protecting the environment is just one of them, but freedom, human rights, justice and personal well-being are equally important. We all know that in nature everything is linked with everything else. In our global community, such links are provided by the internet, connecting people, spurring innovation, distributing goods and information and increasing overall process efficiency.

That is why the new 2027 Trendbook is entirely digital, easily accessible on Heubach´s website, and linked with the innovative Car Color Configurator. Readers can select the type of vehicle and the scenery in which the 28 trend colours are displayed and download their individual version.

The ‘Plan B for Planet A’ also includes a lower footprint of pigment production, safer and easier to use products, and improved colour formulations. The merger of the high-performance pigment ranges from Heubach and Clariant BU Pigments expands the accessible colour space, while the shared formulation know-how helps to improve the visibility of vehicles by RADAR and LIDAR sensors, which is a prerequisite for autonomous driving.

“Our 2027 Trendbook is not only about nice colours and how our Planet A should be treated and run, but also about sharing ideas and information of state-of-the-art production and synergised use of colour itself”, says Bernhard Stengel-Rutkowski, Senior Technical Manager of Heubach´s Global Technical Marketing Coatings and Color Formulator.

To discover the 28 styling shades in the 2027 Trendbook and the integrated Car Color Configurator, visit the Heubach booth at the European Coatings Show, Nuremberg, Hall 3C, Booth 427 and/or click here www.heubach.com/trendbook to:

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