Heubach to increase bismuth vanadate pigments capacity

15 December 2016

Heubach is expanding its capacity to produce Bismuth Vanadate pigments, marketed under the brand names Vanadur and Vanadur Plus, at its German site. To satisfy the growing demand for high performance pigments to replace lead chromates, Heubach will double existing capacities at its Langelsheim plant, which will come online in 2017.

"We believe that increasing regulatory pressure on lead chromate pigments will drive growth in pigments that offer sustainable alternatives. Heubach is committed to offering its customers several solutions in this field, as proven by our newly installed rutile yellow (CICPs) plant in Germany, our recent expansion in organic yellow pigments in India and the currently embarked expansion in bismuth vanadate yellows”, stated Johann Heubach, CEO of Heubach Holding.

Other catalysts for the expansion are recent product development breakthroughs at Heubach, which resulted in new grades of bismuth vanadate yellows that offer significantly higher alkaline stability and temperature resistance.

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