Hexigone Inhibitors receives new UK patent

10 February 2022

The Patent granted in the name of Hexigone Inhibitors Limited is UK Patent No: GB2588924 for Improved Corrosion Inhibition Incorporating Phosphates issued in January 2022.

Intelli-ion® AX1 has been shown to significantly improve corrosion inhibition when co-formulated with metal phosphates in protective coatings.

AX1 Extra Fine additives protect metal assets when used in the protective, industrial, marine, aerospace, powder and coil coatings industries – meeting the strictest global environmental standards and requirements.

Independent technical validation programmes prove that Intelli-ion delivers higher corrosion protection as a single replacement and as a synergistic inhibitor, improving the performance of phosphate-based inhibitors and lowering the amount of anti-corrosive additives required in the coating. This means increased performance for customers and decreased raw material costs.

Dr Patrick Dodds, CEO at Hexigone, commented: "We are extremely pleased to see the hard work and dedication of the Hexigone Team resulting in this new patent being granted. This patent further enhances the company’s patent portfolio and demonstrates the company’s novel and solid chemistry.

"We are working globally to provide the coatings industry with safer and smarter solutions when it comes to corrosion protection. This patent demonstrates the high performance of the Intelli-ion product range as a stand-alone inhibitor, or when used in synergy with other commercially available chromate free inhibitors. We look forward to our products and synergistic materials removing the previous reliance on chromium-6 corrosion inhibitors. Hexigone’s technical, manufacturing and commercial teams are driving the company forward as we undertake further collaborations with our customers.”

Hexigone was advised by Thomas Baker, Director, Patents at UDL Murgatroyd.

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