High-efficiency silicone additive from Dow Corning

10 February 2015

Formulators of white, pastel and grey solventborne paints and coatings now have a new cost – and performance-enhancing ally – Dow Corning 700P Additive. This low-VOC, low-odour siloxane-based additive is a highly efficient pigment dispersant that enables formulators to achieve stable TiO2 pigment dispersions with a reduced tendency toward flooding and floating, improving colour consistency.
When used at just 10-15% of the dosage required for ordinary organic dispersants, the additive provides equal or better performance. It also has been shown to be effective with both higher and lower grades of TiO2 and has a higher heat resistance than organic dispersants. Consequently, formulations containing this dispersant show significantly reduced yellowing during heat-curing and when overbaked.

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