hubergroup updates its range of water-based coatings and primers

25 April 2012

New ACRYLAC water-based coatings are now available from the hubergroup, one of Europe’s leading ink manufacturers. Thanks to improved versatility of the formulations, this upgraded product range satisfies all market demands with an even bigger selection of low-migration and low-odour coatings than before.

This new coating series will help printing houses better manage their stocks and enable them to reduce the number of changes and press wash-ups thanks to its ‘multi-purpose’ character. More versatile products mean a smaller number of products are required – a benefit when it comes to printers’ cash flow. New product names and codes underline these improvements and make the products easily identifiable.

Newcomers to this segment include a number of ACRYLAC coatings and primers that comply with strict MGA product rules. The MGA standard, launched by the hubergroup back in 2004, is achieved through stringent raw material specifications, sensitive quality analyses and the systematic exclusion of contamination risks. Following an initially restricted assortment of products, the range now comprises considerably more variants of water-based coatings manufactured and tested in line with this future-oriented specification. This means, users of low-migration and low-odour systems can now benefit from the guaranteed safety standards of MGA with a large number of special coatings. All ACRYLAC-MGA products are suitable for manufacturing fully compliant food packaging – a fact that is backed up with a written guarantee.

Caption: The fully automated mixing vessels in the factory near Munich guarantee consistent quality and cleanliness for the manufactured aqueous coatings

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