HunterLab spreads its vibrant colours to Europe: Introducing ‘HunterLab Europe’

03 November 2023

HunterLab unveils the latest chapter of its aim to provide the best instruments and service to its customers – the establishment of ‘HunterLab Europe.’ Our partnership with Murnau-based FMS Jansen is far from new; for 50 spirited years, they’ve been our reliable partners, seamlessly distributing and maintaining our instruments in Germany. Today, the German office evolves to become HunterLab’s European cornerstone, harmoniously working alongside our well established HunterLab Asia Pacific and our global headquarters in Reston, Virginia.

Bob Weaver, HunterLab’s dynamic President and COO, shared, “Our association with FMS Jansen has always been more than business; it’s a shared vision and commitment. As HunterLab Europe, they will now be the guiding force for the entire region offering support and leadership to our diverse family of European distributors. Our shared mission? Bring the best in colour spectrophotometry to every European corner.”

Steering HunterLab Europe is none other than the Christian Jansen, who literally grew up in the colour spectrophotometry world. Continuing as the General Manager of HunterLab Europe, Christian, with over two decades in the industry and 17 years championing HunterLab’s European endeavours, is poised to foster collaboration and innovation across all of Europe. The dedicated team has seamlessly transitioned to be HunterLab Europe, infusing their expertise and passion.


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Christian Jansen enthused, “Our employees and the Jansen family have always identified themselves as part of HunterLab. Finally, this step is also formally completed, and we can put all our efforts into our customers and further development.”

Bob Weaver added, “Colour does more than just please the eye; it influences our taste, our purchase decisions. It’s an intricate dance between aesthetics and science. Be it determining quality, freshness, or ingredient compatibility our advanced spectrophotometers are the unsung heroes. We are proud to be the magicians that ensure what you see is nothing short of perfect.”

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