Huntsman can now offer mass balance MDI to adhesives and coatings producers

06 March 2023

Huntsman’s Rotterdam and Wilton, UK manufacturing facilities have obtained the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS) for mass balance following audits by Bureau Veritas.

ISCC PLUS is a global sustainability certification system that makes it possible to track the amount and sustainability characteristics of circular and/or bio-based content in the value chain and attribute it via the mass balance approach based on verifiable bookkeeping.

With ISCC PLUS certification, Huntsman can now offer its customers methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) that has been manufactured based on mass balance principles, which can help reduce the attributed carbon footprint of adhesives and coatings products.

Steen Weien Hansen, Vice President Europe at Huntsman Polyurethanes, said: “Across all the industries we serve, demand for products that have a lower carbon footprint is rising – particularly for solutions that are linked to bio-based or recycled feedstock and can contribute to a circular economy. Chemistry by its nature is complex, combining a variety of raw materials. The mass balance approach gives us the ability to verify the sustainable inputs we use in our products and so improve their sustainability footprint. Throughout our business, we’re taking steps to transform our portfolio and lower the impact of our manufacturing. Our ISCC PLUS certification is further evidence of that commitment.”

Huntsman’s ability to track the use of renewable and recycled feedstocks in its MDI production strengthens its adhesives and coatings portfolio, which already includes innovative solutions for architectural, automotive, industrial, and specialty applications.

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