Huntsman to inject colour into UK Concrete Show

11 January 2016

Concrete pigment and additive experts from global chemical company Huntsman will be exhibiting at the UK Concrete Show at Birmingham NEC, February17-18. At the event, Huntsman will share information and advice about the innovative pigments and pigment systems that UK concrete manufacturers can use to inject color into their concrete product portfolio and differentiate their offering.

Huntsman has been active in the global concrete industry for many decades, supplying the sector with dry and liquid pigments that can be used to create decorative concrete products of different hues and tints. The business also offers automated dispensing equipment; pigment systems; installation and start-up assistance; plus ongoing technical and marketing support. At the UK Concrete Show, Huntsman will showcase, on Stand C10, a variety of concrete pigment products including:
IRON OXIDE and FERROXIDE™ iron oxide pigments, which have a high tint strength and can deliver clean consistent colours
GRANUFIN™ pigment granules; a range of free flowing, easy to handle and virtually dust-free pigments that contain a special binding ingredient, which helps them stay intact during transportation and metering, contributing to a cleaner manufacturing environment
Liquid HYRDOTINT™ pigment slurries; based on high-quality synthetic iron oxide, chrome oxide, titanium dioxide and carbon pigment, these aqueous dispersions are formulated especially for the creation of coloured concrete.
Huntsman will also be talking to event attendees about its metering and dispensing equipment. Huntsman has two equipment options that can assist concrete manufacturers with the production of coloured cement:
The GRANUMAT™ metering system is a modular machine that enables the easy, clean and accurate colouring of concrete in a wide spectrum of shades using free flowing GRANUFIN™ micro granules.
The CHAMELEON™ liquid colour dispensing system – the world’s first PC-operated automatic colour metering solution. Designed specifically to meet the requirements of ready-mix operators, the CHAMELEON™ system combines innovative new liquid colour metering technology with the computing power of a standard PC and the versatility of Windows-based operating software.
Todd Cottrell, Construction Business Director at Huntsman, said: "Concrete is the world’s most widely used man-made building material and nobody knows more about colouring it than Huntsman. With a broad portfolio of colour shades in a variety of forms and our own dispensing systems, we can offer concrete manufacturers end-to-end advice to help themcolour concrete more effectively and efficiently. Whether the aim is to create coloured concrete for aesthetically pleasing buildings or for practical reasons, such as reflecting away the sun’s heat, we can support producers in the UK with their decision making and throughout the concrete colouring process.”

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