IGL Coatings awarded SEMA Global Media Award with latest innovations at the SEMA Show 2023

03 November 2023

Malaysian manufacturing-tech company IGL Coatings successfully showcased its three latest innovative products at the SEMA Show 2023 and emerged as the winner of the SEMA Global Media Award.

Alongside the launch of the new products, IGL Coatings showcased their new line of Marine Solutions and Industrial Solutions Series, Aegis. IGL Aegis is a unique 2k anti-corrosion graphene reinforced coating that is unlike any other system in the industry. IGL Aegis provides ultimate protection against the elements, is clear, tintable and stronger.

Throughout the show, IGL Aegis received tremendous interest from major industry professionals in its protective abilities.

“We’re floored with the response we have been receiving for IGL Aegis! Probably because many are starting to realise the tremendous potential and abilities of IGL Aegis as the best available system and solution for anti-corrosion. The SEMA Global Media Award strengthens the appeal that Aegis has an international scale,” said Keong Chun Chieh, Founder and CEO of IGL Coatings.

Aegis continues to receive attention from mega-corporations around the world looking for anti-corrosion solutions that fulfil their strict requirements.

The SEMA Global Media Awards Program recognises companies that manufacture speciality equipment products and accessories that would have mass appeal to consumers internationally. The products are voted on by a prestigious group of international journalists who serve as judges.

“The SEMA Global Media Awards taps top international media experts to weigh in on which new products that are likely to succeed internationally,” shares Linda Spencer, SEMA Director of International and Government Relations. This year’s programme included 11 judges from seven countries. Each judge carefully reviews and evaluates nearly 2,000 product entries at the SEMA Show before selecting the products that they feel would resonate and appeal most to consumers internationally.

Green excitement at SEMA Show 2023

IGL Coatings launched Ecocoat Elixir, its three year, single-layer ceramic coating. Keong shared, “Elixir is our next step into our single-layer range, the first being Ecocoat EZ; launched in 2021.”

Elixir caters specifically to the needs of detailers, including mobile ones who require more flexible location options, thanks to its formulation for efficiency. Keong explained, “Elixir, at stable environments, can be applied both indoors and outdoors. Many detailers have wished for this and I am glad to see it finally materialise”.

The newly launched Elixir gives better flexibility in terms of locations and increased profitability for the IGL detailers.

Keong further shares “Flexibility means nothing if the vehicle can’t be delivered and it just sits there for 4–6 hours. That’s why we pushed the formula to the limits. Imagine being able to deliver the vehicle in just 2 hours after application of coating. Now, that’s exciting.”

Unlike the traditional wait of 4-8 hours, IGL Coatings has shortened that “no-wet” period to just two hours. Giving vehicles a shorter turn around time, without affecting the durability or effects of the ceramic coating.

With improved resistance to waterspotting, incredible hydrophobics, and simply amazing slickness, Elixir’s easy to use, 3 year, 1 layer coating will be the go-to for detailers worldwide. Ecocoat Elixir is available in the 50ml (Full Kit & accessories) and 100ml (Essentials).

Introducing Ecoclean Interior Detailer

The formula design of Interior Detailer by the R&D team at IGL Coatings intends to meet the growing demands of interior detailing. Especially with the ever-growing demand in EVs (electric vehicles).

In 2022, there are almost 26 million electric vehicles on the road, representing a 60% increase from 2021. Electric vehicles are popular for their lavish interiors, extensive screens, and use of sustainable materials. Surfaces created just for that Ecoclean Interior Detailer to shine!

Ecoclean Interior Detailer is more than just a cleaner. Formulated to be gentle on screens and surfaces and tough on stains. It cleans, protects, and effortlessly eliminates light stains, all while boasting a low VOC content and a refreshing, clean scent.

From dashboards to upholstery, this quick interior detailer showcases its excellence on a multitude of surfaces, reinstating and safeguarding against daily wear!

“The introduction of Interior Detailer adds on to our already extensive interior detailing range. From deep cleaning interior cleaners, dashboard restorers, UV protectants and more, Ecoclean Interior Detailer fills the gap. For an easy to use, all-in-one, gentle but efficient cleaner and surface protectant,” explained Keong.

IGL Coatings remains committed to both your vehicle and the environment. The low VOC formula of Interior Detailer delivers remarkable results without harsh chemicals ~ making it safer all around!

Ecoclean Interior Detailer is available in 100ml, 500ml and 5L variants.

New and improved Ecocoat Shield!

As the pioneer of nano-graphene technology, IGL Coatings introduced graphene reinforced Ecocoat Shield in 2019. Shield was their first debut of its innovative graphene technology to the industry.

Since then, through the latest in technological R&D and advancements, IGL Coatings introduced other graphene reinforced products; Ecocoat Quartz+, Ecocoat Kenzo and Ecocoat EZ.

“IGL’s uniqueness comes from the ability to understand the wants and needs of their customers and produce outstanding products. From the R&D team, strict manufacturing and ISO 9001:2015 processes including real world testing. IGL is one of the most reliable ceramic coating manufacturers in the world,” shares Jeff Kary, Vice President of IGL Coatings USA.

The new and improved Ecocoat Shield, maintains its graphene reinforced formula and now boasts of a stronger resistance to waterspots. Including higher compatibility with more high performing PPF’s. Similarly to Ecocoat Elixir, Shield has a same “no-wet” time of two hours and has a higher compatible with a wider range of professional grade PPFs and Wraps.

Shield is specially developed for PPF, flexible thermoplastics, matte & gloss PPF, PU, Vinyls, Self-healing PPF and other flexible plastics. Protecting against early degradation and UV of flexible plastics. Ecocoat Shield continues its legacy in innovation and  protection.

Fiona Chin, Marketing Director for IGL Coatings shared about the increased number of visitors at the SEMA Show, “we are humbled by the amount of support and love we experienced! It was great meeting IGL Fam who travelled to meet us from all over USA and the world. We’re almost done for 2023 and we’re already planning for 2024!”

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