Improved foam control for solventborne coatings and solventless radiation-cure coatings

24 May 2012

Formulators of solventborne coatings and solventless radiation-curable coatings can now use a single, innovative fluorosilicone additive option to control foam generation – and do so without causing surface defects or changes in the gloss and haze of the applied film.
Dow Corning® 100F Additive utilises the low surface tension of fluorosilicone technology to give excellent foam control in solvent-based and radiation-cured coating formulations, including challenging high-solids systems.

"With Dow Corning 100F Additive, the paint and coatings industry has access to new fluorosilicone additive technology for foam control in multiple formulations, making it possible to achieve synergies in manufacturing and the supply chain,” said Jim Stange, Dow Corning’s North American Coatings Market Manager. "And Dow Corning 100F Additive also provides excellent foam control, even after long-term storage in a formulated coating, providing foaming protection and increased customer satisfaction.”

Available globally, Dow Corning 100F Additive can help address foaming issues in protective, industrial and OEM applications, as well as in solventborne inks, solvent-based coatings and solventless UV-cure formulations.

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