Incorez brings superior bonding with Incozol BH

17 June 2013

Incorez, manufacturer of oxazolidines, waterborne epoxy curing agents and waterborne polyurethane dispersions, has added latent hardener Incozol BH to its product portfolio.

The addition will bring a new dimension to the company’s range, which already includes oxazolidines, waterborne epoxy curing agents and polyurethane dispersions, to give customers a cost-saving alternative.

Incozol BH is an aldimine latent hardener specially designed for one component PU systems and is suitable for use with both aromatic and aliphatic prepolymers. It prevents the production of CO2 gas and enables bubble-free curing in high build films.
The latent hardener is ideal for external bonding applications such as balconies, roofs and other areas exposed to water and exhibits good in-can stability with aromatic prepolymers, which makes it more suited to 1K aromatic systems than standard latent curing agents.

It can also be incorporated into many existing 1K aromatic systems including flexible joint sealants, construction sealants and elastic bonding adhesives.

Ian Williams, Marketing Manager at Incorez, said: "Incozol BH is a versatile solution that can be formulated to remain permanently elastic and resistant to vibration and movement from temperature changes. "It provides many important benefits to users, such as high tear resistance and strong weatherability, providing incredibly strong, permanent adhesion with excellent tack and non-sag properties.”

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