Inkmaker acquires business of Tecnopails

30 January 2020

Inkmaker srl starts off new year with another acquisition.

The latest purchase will see the renowned Tecnopails S.n.c from Piacenza, northern Italy, join the ever-expanding Italian-based global technology giant in yet another important step to achieving Inkmaker Group’s global objective of offering total process-engineering to its clients.

Inkmaker srl made global headlines earlier in October 2019, when they acquired the businesses of Rexson Systems Limited and Vale-Tech Limited.

Tecnopails — a global leader with over one thousand plant-systems installed worldwide — boasts a widespread loyal international clientele dating back to the early 1970s.

Its esteemed expertise lies in the planning, projection and production of plant systems and equipment to dose, label, seal and palletise pails, buckets and cans for various chemical or alimentary products.

Additionally, these have the ability to be manufactured specifically for high-risk explosions areas (ATEX certified).

Of increased advantage to Inkmaker is Tecnopails’ legendary ‘modular’ characteristic, enabling machines to be packed with several levels of automation, ensuring full customisation to any requirement.

Christophe Rizzo, CEO of the Inkmaker Group, EMEA and the Americas said: "Today’s announcement is a major advancement for Inkmaker.

"Tecnopails is a successful filling, sealing and labelling corporation with major clients; its contribution to the Inkmaker group of companies will prove indispensable in achieving our mission of being a total process engineering consultant and provider.

"On behalf of the board, we are pleased to welcome Tecnopails to our growing family of brands.”

Luigi Lavelli, Managing Director and owner of Tecnopails explained: "This has been a long plan in the making and we are delighted with the outcome of this transaction.

"Inkmaker is a respected global leader and the perfect match for Tecnopails in terms of philosophy, direction, market demographics and products.

"We are confident that, with their experience, structure and financial stability, Tecnopails is on course for greater growth and success.”

Luigi will continue to act in an advisory role, as Tecnopails takes on a greater role within the Inkmaker group of companies.

Tecnopails will continue its focus on filling, sealing and labelling for the ink, paint and coatings industry, as well as for the cosmetics, food, oils, pharmaceuticals and speciality chemicals from its base in Piacenza, in Italy’s Emilia Romagna region and will continue to support its existing Tecnopails customers.

Additionally, the company will benefit from the support available from the Inkmaker group of companies’ global businesses, including offices in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australasia, as well as their combined global network of partners who will offer greater sales and support to their clients.

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