Inkmaker Group launches Inktrasyst with Imprimo inside

04 June 2020

Inkmaker group has launched a new ink-supply system powered by its latest technology in celebration of Italy’s National Day (Festa della Repubblica).

"The new easy-to-use, Inktrasyst system—a printing-press distribution network specialised in transferring White, CMYK or Expanded Colour Gamut—is designed specifically for transferring one or more products to different discharge points quickly and precisely.

"What makes the system particularly stand out is that it comes equipped with Inkmaker Group’s latest state-of-the-art software, IMPRIMO, which is designed to impact positively on safety, product traceability, repeatability, optimisation of human resources and fast return of investment,” explained Francesco Nesti, Global Director of Software & Automation, Inkmaker Group, the man behind Inktrasyst’s software technology.

The new system boasts several new features and advantages: reduction of product movements; products may be ordered in concentrated form; products dilution with solvent or additives are managed via the Imprimo software; superior mixing and product homogenisation for constant tonality and sedimentation avoidance; cleanliness of working floor; complete batch traceability and now all formulas produced in preparation tanks are managed by the IMPRIMO software.

"Our R&D team have been working on the Inktrasyst system now for over a year and the final adjustments to the software were completed via smart working. We felt that, especially during this time of self-isolation, Inktrasyst’s remote features would be most advantageous to customers,” explainedChristophe Rizzo, CEO EMEA/Americas, Inkmaker Group.

The new system goes into immediate production do find out more contact the Inkmaker group on:

Italy +39 011 984 00 44

UK +44 (0)1536 312000

Germany +49 170 905 1945

Turkey +90 532 521 03 90, +90 216 489 93 13

North America +44 (0)1536 312000

Mexico +39 348 69 00 806

Latin America +55 11 98457 6718

China +861 580 057 9380

Asia +603 2181 3309

South Korea +82 10 9084 4271

Australia +61 4 4953 8989

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