InnoVoc Solutions’ breakthrough technology

14 May 2012

InnoVoc Solutions, a division of Gordon Composites, Inc has announced the availability of breakthrough technology for powder coating plastics, composites and other non-conductive substrates. This licensed technology makes non-metallic substrates temporarily conductive using a surface treatment that emits no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other hazardous by-products.

Innovoc Solutions technology provides: a hard finish that is typically tougher than conventional liquid paint and can improve the performance and durability of plastics and composites; low-cost processing for automated in-line coating and batch-booth quantities and composite parts that can be used adjacent to powder-coated metal parts, such as appliance handles and automotive parts.

Kevin E Stay, president and GM of Gordon Composites, said the technology makes it easy and inexpensive to powder coat non-conductive substrates. The technology was developed for high-performance composite limbs on modern archery bows.

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