It’s double award time for BASF

12 November 2013

BASF was awarded the Pierre Potier prize 2013 within the ‘Innovative Processes’ category for its automotive paint application process called Integrated Process II (IP II). This process for ‘waterborne paint application to car bodies is characterised by its particularly efficient and ecological procedure.

The prize rewards innovations in the field of chemicals and promotes sustainable development. It was created eight years ago at the instigation of the French Federation for Chemical Sciences and French Chemical Industries Union. The innovation of the IP II consists of eliminating the second paint layer, the primer coat and its baking phase. In their place, two thinner coats are applied directly to the cathodic e-coat without an intermediate drying phase. The coating is resistant to stone chipping and UV rays.

Meanwhile, BASF has received the 2013 Product Line Strategy Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan based on a recent analysis of the European resins for protective coatings market. The award recognises the extent to which the product line meets customer base demands, the impact of customer value as well as increased market share.

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