Jazeera Paints transforms Egypt’s north coast into a summer canvas with “Color Your Summer” campaign

01 September 2023

As the summer sun casts its golden rays upon Egypt’s north coast, Jazeera Paints embarked on an extraordinary journey, spreading vibrant hues and creative inspiration with their “Color Your Summer” campaign throughout August 2023. This remarkable initiative turned the coastal landscape into a canvas of colours, bringing communities together in a celebration of art, design and creativity.

A palette of activities and engagement

From the pristine shores of Lakeyard in Hacienda Bay to the vibrant heart of North Square Mall in Al Alamein and the tranquil ambiance of Mountain View in Ras El-Hekma, Jazeera Paints’ “Color Your Summer” campaign embraced multiple destinations. Each location bore witness to a spectacular showcase of colours, where participants were invited to embark on an artistic journey.
Jazeera Paints unveiled vibrant booths at these prominent locations, attracting enthusiasts, residents and tourists alike. The booths were designed as hubs of creativity, inviting visitors to explore the endless possibilities of colour. Engaging activities and competitions were meticulously curated to kindle the creative spirit within each participant.
The campaign buzzed with an array of interactive activities, from live painting demonstrations by talented artists to engaging workshops that unveiled the magic behind colour blending. Participants were encouraged to unleash their imagination and interact with various colour shades, experiencing the transformational power of paint firsthand. As a token of appreciation for their participation, a plethora of remarkable giveaways added an extra layer of excitement to the festivities.

Jazeera Paints’ commitment to communities

Mr Ahmed Taleb, CEO of Sales and Marketing at Jazeera Paints, expressed his enthusiasm about the campaign, stating, “Color Your Summer is not just about paint; it’s about celebrating creativity, community, and the joy of expression. Our mission has always been to inspire and empower individuals to create their world, and this campaign is a testament to that commitment.”
Jazeera Paints’ “Color Your Summer” campaign was more than just a series of events – it was an invitation for communities to come together, celebrate artistry and revel in the transformative potential of colour. By spreading joy, creativity and inspiration across the North Coast, Jazeera Paints painted a canvas of memories that will linger in the hearts of residents and visitors alike.

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