JBP acquires CIC Brand, expanding its presence in the architectural paint market

17 May 2024

Thailand’s JBP International Paint Co., Ltd., the renowned manufacturer and distributor of the ‘JBP’ paint brand, has earned the trust of CREDO International Co., Ltd., the manufacturer and distributor of the ‘CIC’ paint brand.

Mr. Suchart Tienpothong, Chairman of Credo International and Honorary President of the Thai Paint Manufacturers Association, is entrusting the future of CIC to new leadership under Mr. Sarawut Rachanakul, Chief Executive Officer of JBP International Paint and current President of the Thai Paint Manufacturers Association, moving closer towards its goal of becoming Thailand’s leading paint company, fostering collaborative efforts with all industry partners. 

Mr. Suchart Tienpothong (pictured left), Chairman of Credo International, stated, “CIC is dedicated to supporting the growth of our business partners, regardless of their business size. This commitment has driven our decision to transfer the rights of CIC products and distribution channels to JBP, ensuring mutual benefits for both companies. We are confident that CIC’s existing customers will experience enhanced service and a broader range of product options, ultimately benefiting their businesses in the long term.” 

Mr. Sarawut Rachanakul (pictured main image), Chief Executive Officer of JBP International Paint and President of the Thai Paint Manufacturers Association, revealed, “JBP aims to become the premier architectural paint brand in Thailand. We utilise cutting-edge innovations to develop sustainable architectural paints that enhance the quality of life and protect the environment. All of our outstanding progress is driven by the unwavering support of our partners.”


Thailand’s JBP International Paint joins forces under the ‘one world: one future together’ alliance for sustainable business practices

Currently, JBP is preparing to take on customer management from CIC, with a shared goal of developing and expanding the Thai paint industry. This business partnership presents a significant growth opportunity, fostering a partnership dedicated to mutual success. JBP is eager to expand collaborations with partners who share a similar commitment to creating environmentally friendly and products with utmost safety for consumers. Credo is a leader of production and distribution of water-based paints, oil-based paints and construction chemicals, especially the CIC A-100 gloss paint range, which has maintained popularity for more than 50 years. 

Following this collaboration, JBP believes this integration will strengthen the organisation, enhance employee development and drive innovation. This will enable the company to comprehensively meet the diverse needs of the architectural paint market and provide an improved experience for our customers. Additionally, it will effectively support the nation’s economic development by aligning with current industry trends. Post-transfer, JBP will continue to manage the production and distribution of CIC brand products, maintaining the same high level of service for its customers as usual. 

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