JBP x SCGC launch Thailand’s first “Green Paint Container” made 100% from PCR in the paint industry

12 April 2024

J.B.P. International Paint Company Limited (JBP), Thailand’s top industrial paint and coatings manufacturer and distributor, has partnered with SCG Chemicals Public Company Limited (SCGC), a leading integrated chemical business for sustainability, specialising in developing Green Polymer and Green Solution innovations to cater to environmentally conscious business partners and brand owners.

Together, they have introduced a groundbreaking product to the paint industry by developing the “Green Paint Container.” This container, made from 100% high-quality PCR PP Resin, is the first in Thailand.

The containers are designed for the “JBP SMARTSHIELD-X” architectural paint, embodying the concept of sustainable innovation. This initiative aims to deliver green solutions considering the quality of life and the environment for users, further solidifying the leadership in sustainable innovation. The mentioned architectural paint is now available in Thailand and is expanding to ASEAN countries, including Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Laos.

Sarawut Rachanakul, Chief Executive Officer of J.B.P. International Paint Company Limited, said, “JBP is committed to delivering architectural paint products that promote sustainable living for users and society and the environment. This commitment aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year, JBP launched a new product, ‘JBP SMARTSHIELD-X,’ under the concept of SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION. In partnership with SCGC, we have developed Thailand’s first ‘Green Paint Container’ made from 100% High-Quality PCR PP Resin. This initiative seeks to reduce plastic waste, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and address resource management under circular economy principles, encouraging all sectors to participate in environmental conservation.”


Thailand’s growing economy supports paint industry success

Tanawong Areeratchakul, Chief Executive Officer & President of SCG Chemicals Public Company Limited or SCGC, said, “This marks a new dimension in the architectural paint industry with the introduction of the ‘Green Paint Container,’ made from 100% High-Quality PCR PP Resin, under the SCGC Green Polymer™ brand for packaging architectural paint products. This initiative represents a significant advancement in packaging innovation, utilising 100% PCR while maintaining the packaging’s durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal. It serves as a solution that meets the demands of brand owners and environmentally conscious consumers. The collaboration between JBP and SCGC aims to promote efficient resource use in line with circular economy principles by recycling plastic materials. This effort will help reduce plastic waste, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to transitioning Thailand to a low-carbon society in a tangible way.”

“The JBP SMARTSHIELD-X water-based architectural paint series, designed under the concept of SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION, embodies sustainability with safety standards including LEED V4.1 and the WELL Building Standard from the United States. It features antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria, and fungi, certified by the JIS Z 2801 standard from Japan. Additionally, it is designed for versatile use, catering to consumers who value convenience and speed. This series also contributes to reducing unnecessary natural resource consumption, minimizing environmental impact, and creating sustainable value for our planet.

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