Jotun creates new standard for antifouling protection

24 May 2019

Jotun has unveiled the next generation of its popular SeaForce biocidal antifouling range, with three new products featuring breakthrough HydractiveTM technology.

Developed in-house at the global leader in marine protective coatings, the new solution provides predictable, long-term performance for diverse vessel needs.

Jotun originally launched its SeaForce range in 2004.

Since that point, the solution has established a market leading position, with some 27,000 vessel applications worldwide.

However, according to Dr Erik Risberg, Global Marketing Director, Jotun Marine Coatings, evolving customer needs have spurred Jotun to develop an innovative new solution to satisfy industry demands today, and far into the future.

"SeaForce is a cornerstone portfolio in our marine coating range,” he noted, explaining; "but we felt the time was right to push its performance further, providing next level protection for our customers while consolidating its position within the marketplace.

"Shipping has changed over the past decade and a half, creating a different customer need and we want to evolve with that demand to keep delivering optimal solutions.

"That, in essence, led to the idea for HydractiveTM technology.”

HydractiveTM technology effectively slows down the water uptake of the antifouling, meaning that biocides are released in a more predictable pattern over the lifetime of the coating.

This results in stable, high quality performance for the long-term, with SeaForce keeping customers’ vessel hulls cleaner, for longer.

The range features three core products: SeaForce Shield, offering effective protection; SeaForce Active, actively working to safeguard hulls even when vessels are not is use; and SeaForce Active Plus, delivering premium protection at an affordable price.

SeaForce Active and SeaForce Active Plus also feature a triple biocide package, one of which is the same market leading biocide combination used in the top of the range SeaQuantum product portfolio.

"There is no ‘standard’ shipowner, so there is no one size fits all coating solution,” stated Risberg.

"At Jotun it’s our commitment to provide our customers with a variety of solutions to meet their individual requirements, budgets and performance needs. The SeaForce range is living proof of that ambition.

"With our proprietary HydractiveTM technology we can deliver a ‘best in class’ solution for long-term clean hulls and protection.

"That translates to competitive advantage for both our customers and us. We’re excited to see industry reaction to what we regard as a significant step forward in anti-fouling performance within this market segment.”

Jotun is the number one marine coatings supplier globally with an extensive worldwide delivery network.

The SeaForce product range is available to the market now.

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