Keeping it clean: A new antimicrobial additive for water-based paints

28 February 2023

James Rapley, Product Development Engineer at Microban International, discusses a new class of heavy-metal-free antimicrobial technologies designed specifically for water-based paints and coatings.

Cleanliness concerns have risen sharply in recent years, alongside a growing public awareness of microbes and their potential negative impacts. Walls and surfaces decorated with paint have been part of our environment for millennia, and the potential growth of microbes on painted or polymer-coated surfaces needs to be controlled as much as anywhere else. Microbial attack can cause odours, stains and early deterioration of a paint or coating, which can limit the useful lifetime of materials, particularly in settings where products are frequently exposed to humid environments. Ultimately, this can lead to higher volumes of waste entering landfill, damaging the environment and costing money to replace. Manufacturers and consumers alike are therefore looking for sustainable and durable antimicrobial additives for water-based paints and coatings.

Read the full article here: Microban FEB 23

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