Kenya: Paint sector fights off COVID-19 and scans growing market for opportunities

02 December 2021

By Wachira Kigotho in Nairobi

Demand for paints and coatings in Kenya is set to recover this year from the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, being driven by the rebound of building construction and other civil engineering works that require use of paints, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics has predicted. While east Africa’s economic powerhouse has certainly been disrupted by the coronavirus, according to official health records, it has suffered less than some countries, with only 5116 deaths (as of September 2021) from a total population of 53M. The World Bank has projected Kenya’s GDP will increase 4.5% this year (2021), growth that it characterises as “a partial recovery from… COVID-19.”

Read the full report here: Kenya 2021

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