Keyland Polymer UV Materials Spain opens its state of the art ultraviolet (UV) cured solid resin R&D lab in Barcelona

11 October 2023

Keyland Polymer UV Materials Spain, a subsidiary of Keyland Polymer Material Sciences, is pleased to announce the opening of its UV-cured solid resin development laboratory in Barcelona, Spain. The new facility is staffed with a team of resin chemists, technicians and Keyland’s European Business Development Manager. 

The laboratory expands Keyland’s global capabilities of UV resin research and development, production, and sales of UV cured solid resins used in UV cured powder coatings for heat sensitive and traditional substrates, additives for inks, 3D printing/additive manufacturing materials, and other UV cured products. 

Michael Knoblauch, President of Keyland Polymer Material Sciences states, “We are thrilled about the opportunities that lie ahead for UV solid resin research and development and production not only in Europe, but also on a global scale. Keyland Polymer UV Materials Spain has been manufacturing solid UV Resin in Spain since 2013, but our new facility now allows us to improve existing products and develop new UV resins for powder coatings and other UV curable materials.” 


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The increasing global interest in UV cured powder coatings for heat sensitive substrates was a key factor in opening a laboratory dedicated to UV solid resin research and development. Knoblauch notes, “Having our European Business Development Manager located in Barcelona gives us a sales footprint in Europe and the Middle East, enabling us to improve market development and quickly respond to consumer interest in UV cured solid resins.” 

Rising costs, energy supply chain concerns, water scarcity and ongoing demands to meet ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) goals make UV-cured powder coatings a smart alternative to thermoset powder coatings and waterborne liquid paints. The lower temperatures and instant cure used in the UV cured powder coating process result in significant productivity, energy and cost benefits to the end user. 

Keyland Polymer UV Resins currently has two commercially available products: UVP-1300, an Unsaturated Polyester-Methacrylate Resin and UVE-5100, an Epoxy-Methacrylate Resin. Keyland can also develop customised resin formulations. For more information, please visit 

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