Lanxess completes acquisition of Emerald Kalama Chemical

04 August 2021

Specialty chemicals company Lanxess has completed the acquisition of Emerald Kalama Chemical. The US-based company is a world-leading manufacturer of speciality chemicals. Lanxess signed a purchase agreement on February 14, 2021. All required regulatory approvals have been received. Lanxess financed the purchase price of around US$1.04bn (€870M) from liquid funds.

In 2020, Emerald Kalama Chemical generated global sales of around US$425M (€375M) and EBITDA pre-exceptionals of around US$90M (€80M). Seventy-five percent of sales were attributable to business with speciality products for the consumer care market, especially products for flavours and fragrances, as well as preservatives for use in food, household products and cosmetics. One quarter of sales originated from business with speciality chemicals for industrial applications. With the closing of the transaction, Lanxess grows by around 470 employees and the three production sites in Kalama/Washington (USA), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Widnes (Great Britain).

Acquisition strengthens portfolio for the plastics, paints and coatings, as well as adhesives industries

The second-biggest acquisition in Lanxess’ history sees the company expanding its range of speciality chemicals for industrial applications, especially for the plastics, paints and coatings, as well as adhesives industries.

One important addition to the new Lanxess portfolio is the K-Flex range of non-phthalate plasticisers and coalescents for adhesives, coatings, sealants and vinyl applications. K-Flex plasticisers optimise production processes and end product properties. They are highly compatible with polar polymers in water-based adhesive systems and improve film formation in paints and coatings. During the manufacture of PVC articles, the rapid-gelling dibenzoates can help to speed up processing.

"The new products broaden the existing LANXESS range and offers growth opportunities in the area of non-phthalate plasticisers which meet the most modern requirements of the plastics processing industry,” underlines Dr Thomas Facklam, Head of Global Application Technology in the Polymer Additives business unit.

Other important additions to the overall portfolio for industrial applications include Kalama Vitroflex plasticisers for the manufacture of polysulfide sealants and Modulast modifiers, which were developed for use in reactive polyurethane systems.

Last but not least, benzoic acid, benzaldehyde and benzoate salts supplements the Lanxess offer in future. These are used as intermediates, building blocks and additives in a number of industrial applications, eg for the production of esters, alkyd resins or corrosion inhibitors.

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