Lanxess showcases sustainable solutions for the coatings industry at ChinaCoat 2012

26 November 2012

Speciality chemicals group Lanxess will present its sustainable solutions for the paint and coatings industry at this week’s ChinaCoat 2012.Two business units of Lanxess – Inorganic Pigments (IPG) and Material Protection Products (MPP) will attend the show at Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center from November 28 to 30, showcasing their comprehensive and innovative product portofolios.

The paint and coatings market is of high importance to Lanxess as it is one of the fastest growing applications for Lanxess’ specialty products. For instance, China has become the world’s largest market for paint and coatings, mainly as a result of the continued urbanization. High value-added products with outstanding properties and performance are in high demand due to the increased quality requirements in this sector. Lanxess is committed to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the specific requirements from customers and consumers.

Highlights from Lanxess Inorganic Pigments

High-quality pigments from Lanxess Inorganic Pigments business unit offer not only outstanding light fastness, high tinting strength, color consistency and weather stability but also an unmatched dispersibility. At this year’s show, Lanxess will feature their full range of products under the brand names Bayferrox and Colortherm. Lanxess’ inorganic pigments are produced according to the highest environmental standards and therefore offer a sustainable solution for all paint and coatings applications.

At the ChinaCoat, Lanxess IPG will introduce Bayferrox 912LOM, a tailor-made, unique yellow iron oxide pigment with an unmatched combination of pigment properties. It is a micronised yellow iron oxide pigment with an outstanding viscosity behaviour, a high dispersibility and significant low oil absorption that fulfills the highest requirement in the paint and coatings industry. This unique grade enables customers to produce highly loaded colourant systems with nearly newtonian flow behaviour. Thus, the product is especially recommended for pigment concentrates.

Among other products to be showcased, Bayferrox 943 is a high-performance reddish iron oxide yellow pigment. Its crystal modification gives it unique orange undertone. Furthermore, the pigment provides also low viscosity properties due to its short needle-shaped structure.

Bayferrox 303T, a synthetic black manganese ferrite, displays outstanding lightfastness, tinting strength, color consistency as well as weather stability. It differs from conventional black iron oxides in its low flocculation behaviour and is heat stable well above 500°C. Thus, this high performance pigment is the first choice when heat stability like in powder- or coil coatings applications is required.

Bayferrox 105 M, a unique micronised, yellowish iron oxide red pigment, is specifically processed to comply with a wide variety of binder systems. As a result of its manufacturing process (Laux-process), which includes a high temperature calcination step, the pigment has high heat stability combined with extraordinary colour stability during mechanical shear application (ie milling process).

"The coatings industry in China, with its long-term growth potential, has been one of the most important markets for our business unit. By providing innovative solutions with our environmentally friendly products and our technical support and development we can help our customers to produce and enhance high-end systems for their applications,” said Dr Wolfgang Oehlert, Vice President for the Inorganic Pigments business Unit in Asia Pacific. "We strongly support the rapid urbanisation and mobility development in China by investing in process efficiency and capacity expansion in all our production sites. All plants are running at full capacity to ensure reliable supply throughout the year 2012 and 2013,” added Oehlert.

Highlights from MPP

Lanxess Material Protection Products business unit will feature a range of biocides under the reputable brand of Preventol. Accompanied with outstanding technical service, Lanxess offers the broad product lines in industrial preservatives, dryfilm fungicide and algaecide, which can be used in the applications of coating, polymer emulsions, antifouling paints, mineral slurries, glues and construction chemicals, etc.

The rapid industrialisation, economic activity and rising demand from urbanisation especially the construction applications are driving the demand for industrial preservatives, especially the high end ones combined with expanding environment requirements. The Lanxess biocides range for coatings fulfill the key demands placed on such products: low toxicity, non-VOC, non FA, environmental friendly, cost-effectiveness and compatibility with other components of the coating.

These products not only preserve the good appearance of facades or patios, for example, but also safeguard the value of these objects in the long term.

"We attach high importance on the environment-compatibility and provide cost-efficient products that are effective against target organisms without damaging the environment. Our customised solutions will enable customers to quickly respond to the market needs for more sustainable products,” said Jeffery Gu, Head of Material Protection Products business unit for China.

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Lanxess showcases sustainable solutions for the coatings industry at ChinaCoat 2012

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