Latest organic pigment innovations at K fair

18 October 2016

BASF Colors & Effects will be featuring a new highly colour efficient pigment at the K trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, from October 19-26. The Paliotol organic pigment series extends further into food contact and toys applications with innovative Paliotol Yellow K 1750 being now supported for those applications. The Paliotol series consists of mid to high performance organic pigments, which have excellent colouring value for a wide range of applications including use in food contact materials and toys.

"Product safety regulations in food contact applications are getting stricter in Europe and also in other parts of the world, next most likely China,” Philip Trueper, Director Global Business Management Pigments for Plastics at BASF, explained. "We offer in-depth technical and regulatory expertise in the field of pigments for sensitive applications. With our comprehensive portfolio – now including the new Paliotol Yellow K 1750 – we are very well positioned to support our customers in coping with these changes.”

The red shade of the Paliotol Yellow K 1750 perfectly meets the needs of the plastics industry, especially when it comes to sensitive applications like food packaging and toys. That’s not only due to its excellent properties but also because it’s completely halogen-free. It already complies with European plastics regulation EU 10/2011 and extension of compliance to other regions of the world is on-going.

Marc Dumont, Industry Manager Pigments for Plastics at BASF, goes on to point out the special characteristics of the new K 1750: "Compared to pigments in the same colour space, Paliotol Yellow K 1750 offers high heat stability and greater increased colouring efficiency. Its unique combination of opacity and colour strength makes it the best choice when starting new designs for packaging and consumer goods. Also, it remains the most affordable alternative to lead chromate and diarylide pigments in the red shade yellow colour space for indoor.”

Beside Paliotol Yellow K 1750, an additional BASF pigment will be showcased at the K fair: Lumina Royal Dragon Gold is the newest member of the highly chromatic Lumina Royal effect pigments family.

"Lumina Royal Dragon Gold provides attractive shades, especially in combination with yellow pigments or in black reduction,” said Dumont, adding: "Our customers will be able to formulate new looks of greenish gold hues with exceptional sparkling and brilliance. Initial market reception is excellent that clearly demonstrates that our new Lumina Royal Dragon Gold pigment is expanding the available effect space in the golden colour space area”.

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