Lubrizol donates US$200M to support COVID-19 needs globally

03 April 2020

Lubrizol, a leading speciality chemical company has announced a US$2M donation commitment to support COVID-19 needs globally. This pledge extends the work the company is already doing as companies across the globe leverage Lubrizol’s science for hand sanitisers, medical gowns, face masks, drug products, medical devices, transport vehicles and countless other applications.

"Every day, our employees deliver products that enable the world to move cleaner, create smarter and live better, and our team is fully committed to meet those needs, do it safely and deliver even greater impact during this global crisis,” said Eric Schnur, Lubrizol President and CEO. "In addition to the work that ends up in critical end-use products, we have been and will continue to support communities in need throughout this pandemic.”

As part of its US$2M donation pledge, the company has already contributed US$325,000 in critical supplies to hospitals and charitable organisations in China, is supporting hospitals and medical staff in the US and Europe, established a US matching gift programme with the American Red Cross, and is building a team of employees to provide virtual volunteering support, among many other efforts.

The company also is leveraging its science to enable important end-use products critical in this environment, including:

Enabling one billion additional bottles of hand sanitiser every month

Lubrizol will enable an additional one billion bottles of hand sanitiser globally every month by increasing its Carbopol® production. Lubrizol’s Carbopol polymers efficiently thicken hand sanitiser formulations and allow the gel-like form we know them as today, which allows for a more complete and effective application. Since early January, the company pulled every available lever to support growing Carbopol demand and converted its global manufacturing assets to prioritise supply for cleansing and sanitising products.

Partnering to solve personal protection equipment & critical supply shortages

Lubrizol’s ESTANE® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) materials are being applied in a multitude of applications to help protect responders and fight the COVID-19 battle. TPU’s versatility, durability and barrier properties bring value in protective garments, face shields, barrier curtains, hoses, tubing and cables and devices produced through 3D printing. Its material scientists are collaborating with customers across the globe to help them adjust their operations to serve these urgent needs and address critical shortages.

Contributing to medical devices and pharmaceuticals

Lubrizol teams supporting pharmaceutical customers are ensuring active ingredient delivery in a variety of drug products, while also supplying medical customers with flexible, biocompatible materials for vascular catheters, IV tubing sets, wound dressings and medical device components utilised in ventilators, valves, and infusion pumps.

Protecting food packaging and delivering clean water

Lubrizol’s coatings chemistry is protecting millions of packages of food and other staples, while its materials used in piping systems reliably deliver clean water for hand washing and safe drinking.

Keeping 8800 employees safe

Above all, Lubrizol is keeping its 8800 employees safe. As part of its safety culture, Lubrizol had pandemic plans and teams in place well before COVID-19. These teams were activated early in this journey and regularly assess and follow global health recommendations, as well as local guidance in all areas where the company operates.

Employees who can are working from home. In other locations, the company minimised the number of employees on site, initiating rotations where feasible, practicing social distancing and instituting additional cleaning procedures. In all locations, Lubrizol has a range of policies to support employees as they seek to balance their professional and personal lives during this unprecedented time.

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