Lubrizol launches Lanco 1580 LF Polyethylene Wax for inclusion in wood coatings

27 April 2012

The Lubrizol Corporation has introduced Lanco 1580 LF, a hard, high-melting, polyethylene wax ideal for inclusion in coatings for wood furniture and fixtures to enhance surface protection.

Lanco1580 LF offers several key advantages including excellent scratch and abrasion resistance when used in paints and other coatings for wood finishes. This new additive’s benefits extend to improved uniform matting, heightened polishing and metal marking resistance, increased surface slip and – because of its high melting point (120-126°C) – improved blocking resistance.

"We are very pleased to respond to our customers’ requests and bring this valuable component to the wood coatings industry," said Dr Peter Bloyce, Global Business Manager for Lubrizol Performance Coatings. "Lanco 1580 LF is an exceptionally effective and efficient solution created to address many of the issues the industry faces every day in boosting the integrity of wood finishes. We believe its performance will help elevate the quality and consistency of our customers’ coating products."

Lanco 1580 LF is highly versatile and designed for use in a variety of applications including water-based, solvent-based, and radiation-cured systems. Depending on a customer’s requirements, it can be formulated for acrylics, polyurethanes, alkyds and urethane alkyds, polyesters, NC and NC combination systems and epoxy, polyester, and hybrid powder resin systems. In addition, it is easily dispersed using low-speed mixers; high-energy dispersers may be advantageous when used with low-viscosity varnishes and water-based systems.

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