Map Yachting Systems creates bespoke metallic coating for three modern icons

16 November 2021

Map Yachting Paint Systems has formulated a bespoke metallic paint shade for three of today’s modern icons: a Gunboat 68, a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle and a Triumph Rocket 3. Map Yachting was commissioned by Gunboat to create a silver blue metallic paint coating that materialised the owner’s vision to co-ordinate the three machines, with the colour chosen purposely to accentuate their lines and curves. The beauty of the matching machines in action has been captured in a drone video recently released by the group.

Jean-Pierre, a serial yacht owner with a lifelong passion for sailing having owned a Swan 50, 80, 100 and 130ft superyacht leading up to his Gunboat 68, was clear about his brief: "I wanted the beautiful lines to be accentuated. An exceptional canvas deserves an exceptional paint job.”

Working alongside Gunboat’s Paint Production Manager, Julien Denizot, Map Yachting created a palette of metallic colour shades transitioning from silver, through to grey, to blue. On approval, Map Yachting used its proprietary paint formulation and custom blend of pigments, metallic powders and additives, to produce a set of metallic topcoats that combined the strong depth of colour with a consistent finish.

With processing parameters, optimum conditions, and coating thicknesses precisely defined by Map Yachting, primer coats and three coats of the metallic topcoat were applied by Gunboat’s professional paint team in collaboration with the experts of Naviteam. The paint was sealed and protected with multiple layers of Map Yachting’s clear coat. A major challenge with such a large metallic paint application is to ensure that colours are sprayed quickly and without pausing. For the 68, Gunboat’s paint team organised a team of nine: three paint spraying artisans and a mixing team of six to ensure the flawless finish.

"Map Yachting really created something special for this project. We know the quality of their paint systems well, and always appreciate their excellent technical support and application guidance. What really stands out with this yacht is how the paint team were able to create a final finish that allows this unique metallic colour shade to capture the light so beautifully, whatever the weather conditions or time of day,” said Julien Denizot, Paint Production Manager, Gunboat.

"We filmed the Gunboat 68 and the Triumph motorcycles on a beautiful day just off Les Embiez in the South of France. At first, the wind was very light for sailing, and yet we were moving along, light and free on the water. Later on, as the breeze increased, we accelerated quickly. On the Gunboat we become accustomed to sailing faster than the wind, the performance, together with the aesthetic experience awarded by the paint work, was a dream!” reported Jean-Pierre.

The Map Yachting team will be exhibiting at this week, November 16-18, at METS on the Sicomin stand, EF.102, in Amsterdam.

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