Masterpress highlights more than two decades of innovation and growth at the ’20 Years of Poland in the European Union’ Conference

06 June 2024

Masterpress, a leading European provider of printed decorative packaging solutions, played a vital role at the conference ’20 Years of Poland in the European Union. The Polish Investment Zone in the common European market’, where its Vice President, Boguslaw Wojtach represented the packaging industry alongside entrepreneurs, investors and local government officials. Discussions centered on the benefits and challenges of EU accession, particularly in investment, technology innovation, and the next 20 years of business opportunities for Poland within the EU.

“Since our establishment in 1996, Masterpress has continuously evolved, becoming a leading European provider of tailored, innovative, and functional solutions for decorative packaging,” said Bogusław Wojtach, vice-president of Masterpress. “Our commitment to high product quality, customer satisfaction, and investment in research and development has established Masterpress as one of Europe’s foremost suppliers of printed labels to globally recognised brands.”


Masterpress commits to set science-based targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction

The company’s commitment to investing in its research and development (R&D) capacity saw the addition of a bespoke and full-scale printing press dedicated exclusively for R&D purposes earlier this year. The high-tech R&D facility offers flexibility in testing new printing techniques on a scale simulating actual production. Moreover, it allows uninterrupted testing in the R&D facility without disrupting regular production schedules, significantly speeding up new product development processes and reducing time-to-market.

Along with the new printing press, the research and development laboratory in Białystok is equipped with state-of-the art tools allowing for precise testing of substrate strength, slip and friction as well as simulate resistance of the various products to temperature, solar or shop-floor light. Expanding R&D capabilities the company drives the market forward with sustainable development and help the label industry to be seen as a positive contributor offering “good-for-recycling” solutions.

“By investing in capacity and personnel, and expanding into new European markets, Masterpress is focused on achieving its long-term vision of organic growth,” said Bogusław Wojtach. “Our aim is simple – we strive to be a manufacturer that can be relied upon, that is constantly improving and that actively responds to the individual needs and challenges of each customer.”

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