Merck works with BrandWatch

09 February 2016

Merck is expanding its co-operation with BrandWatch Technologies into a strategic partnership. As a result, Merck is extending its Securalic product portfolio by a variety of new, hidden security features, as well as the associated readers, thus consolidating its position in the core markets of the USA and Europe. The US partner BrandWatch is a leading supplier in the field of security features.

Through the co-operation, it is tapping into new distribution channels for its materials and detectors. The hidden security solutions can be verified only by means of detectors. In this way, high-quality brand-name products can be protected against imitation and consumer protection is bolstered. The life-threatening product piracy of pharmaceuticals and their packaging is also made more difficult through the Securalic security concepts. They are part of an unbroken verification chain against product piracy and economic crime. Security pigments invisibly identify goods, such as paint, plastic and printing products.

Readers are used to make the hidden markings visible; one benefit of this is the ability along the supply chain to quickly and reliably differentiate high-quality originals from inferior copies that are damaging to business.

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