Microban International kickstarts 2023 with four new senior hires

02 February 2023

Microban International is pleased to welcome four influential new members to its talented and multifaceted team.

Dr Souvik Nandi, Ravi Rangarajan, Brigette Bartko and Rob Tidwell have recently been appointed to senior roles within the company, each offering their own unique skillset to support Microban’s vision of being the most trusted brand in ultimate cleanliness and product protection.

Souvik brings a unique chemical engineering perspective and a wealth of industry experience to Microban, as its newly appointed Vice President of Technology and Innovations. Prior to joining Microban, Souvik worked in product development, process development and commercial operations on a global scale, so he knows what it takes to understand customer needs and launch new products to the market. Souvik commented: "After working in the construction and home goods industries for about 17 years, I was looking for a change and I could not refuse this opportunity to be part of such a reputable company. Microban continues to add value to the world through its brand-driven and technology-agnostic approach, and is already on a successful trajectory towards sustained growth.”

Ravi has taken up a new role as a Senior Director for Global Textiles at Microban. Following his master’s degree in chemical and environmental engineering, Ravi’s extensive international career began with roles in R&D, product management and manufacturing, and progressed to more managerial positions in marketing, business development and management on completion of an MBA. He has held roles in the coatings, consumer care, medical, antimicrobial, textile and sustainability sectors, and looks forward to bringing this variety of experience to Microban. Ravi remarked: "I am very excited to be returning to the textile and antimicrobial space, and I look forward to working with our customers and prospects in the home, hospitality, healthcare, apparel and footwear sectors to increase Microban’s impact.”

Brigette began her career in chemistry, before moving into the regulatory, environmental health and safety and sustainability realms. She joined Microban in October of last year as the Director of Global Regulatory Affairs, after being drawn to the potential that the field of antimicrobial technologies holds to protect products and the environment. Brigette stated: "I am proud to be part of such an innovative and forward-thinking company. It is so exciting to see where future advances in antimicrobial technologies will take us, and how we can support our customers on their sustainability journeys.”

Rob has been appointed to the role of Vice President of Finance, having built up a wealth of business experience and acumen in the finance and sales sectors. Rob’s interest in finance runs deeper than a love for numbers; he believes that finance is about forming partnerships that fuel profitable growth and improvement. Rob added: "As Microban moves towards the next chapters of business maturity, making intentional strategic decisions about which opportunities we pursue – and the markets and verticals that we can add the most value to – will be key. I look forward to guiding the finance team and driving some of the decisions that will propel the business to new heights.”

Michael Ruby, President of Microban, commented on these recent appointments: "Microban’s vision is to be the most trusted brand in ultimate cleanliness and product protection. These new senior hires will help us to continue our global growth, enhancing the reach and impact of our brand as we move towards achieving this ambition. I am looking forward to witnessing their leadership and assisting them in delivering success in their respective roles.”

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