Microban’s MicroGuard™ wins two prestigious industry awards for bringing sustainable product protection to the construction sector

03 October 2023

Microban International – a global leader in antimicrobial and odour control solutions – has recently won two notable industry awards for its MicroGuard™ antifungal technology. This unique line of antimicrobial chemistries for building materials has been presented with a Sustainability Award by the Business Intelligence Group, and was also commended for innovation and excellence in the roofing, grounds and exteriors category at the 5thannual FacilitiesNet Vision Awards.

MicroGuard is a range of metal-free, non-leaching antifungal formulations for PVC, PU and EVA foam applications, and is designed to provide superior product protection, enhancing the cleanliness and longevity of polymer materials used in the construction sector. The technology boasts high antimicrobial efficacy and UV stability – features that have been stringently tested using industry-leading methods – as well as a favourable toxicity profile compared to existing arsenic-based OBPA- and metal-based antimicrobial additives. Inhibiting microbial growth minimises the need for excessive cleaning of building materials and surfaces – which demands large amounts of water, energy and harsh chemicals – and prevents product degradation to reduce the volume of plastic waste entering landfills.


Microban launches antimicrobial technology inspired by nature

Part of Microban’s overarching goal is to develop sustainable antimicrobial technologies that actively contribute to a circular economy, and MicroGuard is at the forefront of this effort. Its noteworthy contributions to mitigating the adverse environmental impacts associated with plastics have not gone unnoticed, and led to MicroGuard winning the title of ‘Sustainability Product of the Year’ at the Business Intelligence Group’s Sustainability Awards 2023, as well as its recognition at the 2023 FacilitiesNet Vision Awards.

Michael Ruby, President of Microban, commented on these recent achievements: “The construction sector is rapidly embracing novel products and solutions that help to reduce the impact of building materials on the environment, especially as building specifications become more stringent and call for improved levels of sustainability. Microban is proud to be at the forefront of these changes, offering an innovative and proactive solution to reduce damaging microbial growth on plastic building components, extending their usable lifespans. Winning not one, but two awards is testament to the positive and sustainable impact that MicroGuard is having in the construction industry.”

Microban is also honoured to be recognised as one of four finalists in the ‘Best Technology Application of the Year’ category at the Plastics Industry Awards, which will be taking place on Friday 17th of November in London.

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