Modular skidded resin production unit

09 February 2016

As a technology provider for the speciality chemical industry, Cellier Activity of ABB France has developed a skidded unit for the production of alkyd, acrylic or polyester resins. Consisting of pretested modules, it is assembled and started-up in record time. It integrates state-of-the-art equipment and its operation is fully automated using a dedicated control system.

It has been designed for easy transportation in containers, a short installation and start-up time. The unit is complete and includes a 12m3 reactor, raw materials blending tanks, powder and liquids handling and dosing systems, distillation column and condenser, heating and cooling systems, diluting tanks, pumps, instrumentation, etc.

A dedicated control system allows the real time monitoring of the production and a fine regulation of reaction phases so as to optimise the batch cycle time and comply with accuracy and repeatability required for quality resins.

This new solution for the production of resins combines an optimised investment cost and quick payback.

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