New application of Pitt-Char XP from PPG

14 October 2013

PPG Industries has launched a new application of Pitt-Char XP, a flexible epoxy-based intumescent passive fire protective (PFP) coating suitable for environments where exterior durability and corrosion resistance are required. It utilises established technologies to prevent steel structures from heating up rapidly in the event of a fire by providing insulative protection against high temperatures.
The product can also be used as an insulative method of protecting structural steel from exposure to the extremely cold temperatures that can result in the event of a cryogenic liquid spill, a feature that is of particular interest to the LNG market.
Paul Greigger, Technical Manager PITT-CHAR, PPG Industries said: "Because of the performance characteristics of flexible epoxy intumescent PFP coatings in low and high temperatures, the petrochemical industry has expressed interest in these coatings as a means to protect structural steel from the extremely cold temperatures that could result in the event of an LNG release, as well as a potential explosion and subsequent fire.”

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