New benchmark in sparkle and colour intensity

10 December 2021

LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red from ECKART sets new standards in sparkle and colour intensity: Compared to previously available products in the same colour space, this pigment innovation doubles the intensity of the sparkle effect.

With the borosilicate-based LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red, a three-dimensional depth effect can be achieved with surprisingly flashing, intense red effects depending on the incidence of light. Thanks to the extraordinary intensity of LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red, this can be achieved even at low pigment concentrations. Higher pigment concentrations allow for even more powerful and spectacular glitter effects.

Suitable for all water- and solvent-based as well as for UV-curing systems, it thus, opens up a wide range of applications in a wide variety of industries. The coatings industry can use the pigment in high-quality protective coatings, but also for coil, electrostatic and pneumatic applications. In the printing industry, it achieves brilliant printing results in screen printing and in other processes. The plastics industry benefits particularly from the excellent processability of the new effect pigment.

For automotive coatings and outdoor applications, the CFX version is recommended: LUXAN CFX C842 brings excellent weather and condensation resistance as well as high intercoat adhesion.

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