NOF Metal Coatings launches a new range of high-performing topcoats: Geokote

06 June 2012

The GEOMET zinc flake anticorrosion technology occupies a significant place in the protection of metallic parts. Today, the new GEOKOTE range provides new features: resistance to chemicals, controlled tribological properties, additional anticorrosion and abrasion performance… GEOKOTE is used for instance in standard production by the MGI COUTIER component manufacturer, which revisits the reasons that have led to this choice.

With the aim of expanding its topcoat range (PLUS, DACROLUB), the NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP launches its new GEOKOTE line of topcoats. Like the other topcoats, it is applied on to GEOMET 321 or 500 zinc flake coatings, thus enabling the increase, with a very thin layer, of the anticorrosion performance of coated parts while providing new features.

As the metallic parts for the whole industry (automotive, heavy trucks, railway, windpower etc) are used in very different environments, they do not have therefore the same constraints.
The aim is to propose new properties as for instance the resistance to chemicals or repetitive abrasion. The GEOKOTE chemical composition enables it particularly to resist substances that are very aggressive for example as contained in brake fluids.

MGI COUTIER selects the GEOKOTE topcoat

MGI COUTIER which manufactures and assembles door check straps for the automotive industry, parts that are highly stressed, wanted to develop a very high performing anticorrosion solution, even after very harsh use simulated by many test cycles. 2 solutions have been chosen: The application of GEOMET 321 Grade A coating and of a clear or black GEOKOTE® topcoat.

Mr. Sébastien LECLERC, Project Manager at MGI COUTIER explains: «We wanted a new coating combining both a strong corrosion and mechanical resistance. The GEOMET 321 zinc flake coating with a GEOKOTE topcoat provides us with the compromise sought regarding the preservation of the corrosion performance after the numerous mechanical stresses exerted on parts. From the tests performed, we have selected 2 options: a black topcoat and a clear topcoat. The mass production started in February 2011

Properties adapted for fasteners

The GEOKOTE topcoat is also particularly well adapted for manufacturers and users of fasteners (screws, nuts, tightening clips…) by providing them optimal strength and mountability properties. It enables among others to avoid the stick-slip effect when tightening.

The whole range of GEOKOTE topcoats is available worldwide. It can be used with dip or spray processes on the lines of NOF’s global applicators network.

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