Nouryon to supply CiD technology to Ukrainian PVC producer

30 January 2019

Nouryon (formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals) will license its innovative continuous initiator dosing (CiD) technology to Karpatnaftochim, Ukraine’s largest polyvinyl chloride (PVC) producer.

Nouryon’s patented CiD technology allows PVC producers to increase reactor output by up to 40%, improve product quality and make the production process intrinsically safer – all with minimum capital expenditure.

"The agreement with Karpatnaftochim once again confirms our strong offering to customers in the PVC market,” said Johan Landfors, Managing Director Polymer Chemistry.

"Many customers have made the shift to CiD technology and we expect interest for this technology to continue to grow as more users realise its advantages.”

In conventional PVC production, the organic peroxide initiator is added in one step – this generates a lot of heat and the reactor output is determined by the cooling capacity.

With CiD technology, the initiator is added continuously, reducing the amount of heat produced, making the process safer and increasing the effective capacity of the reactor.

Ivan Pidsadyuk, General Director of Karpatnaftochim, added: "Nouryon’s CiD technology introduces unique benefits for us and our customers.

"As an important manufacturer in a competitive market, we aim to incorporate solutions that give us an advantage.”

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