OMNOVA Solutions will exhibit at Eurocoat 2011

27 September 2011

Villejust, September 22, 2011-OMNOVA Solutions, a world manufacturer of specialty resins will exhibit its full range of paint applications for Pliolite©, Plioway©, Hydro Plioliteâ, Pliotec©, Polyfox£and Mykon£ at the Eurocoat Show (Paris Grande Halle de la Villette, from 27 to 29 September 2011).

The EUROCOAT 2011 show will be a good opportunity for OMNOVA Solutions to introduce its new developments to its customers and to the major market players.

– PLIOTEC® PA 05 allows the formulation of one pack coating for floor paints that are compliant with the new eco-label criteria.

– POLYFOX£ is one of the rare fluorosurfactants that complies with the Nordic Swan criteria (fluorinated chain < C5).

– PLIOTEC® SA 40 are low VOC resins for pigmented primers developed for masonry, they offer excellent resistance to alkalinity and efflorescence.

– Hydro PLIOLITE® 050 and 055 are resins for stain blocking paints and primers, without internal tension, they have and outstanding adhesion on all substrates (porous or non porous) and excellent stain covering properties.

OMNOVA Solutions is an eco-friendly innovative company with a strategic approach to develop sustainable products. Hydro PLIOLITE® 050 and 055 resins that have been marketed for 2 years and exclusively dedicated for interior paints are already compliant with the French regulation on indoor air quality (the so-called Grenelle Environment Forum, decree of April 2011).

A Hydro PLIOLITE® 055 based paint and Hydro PLIOLITE 050 based primer formulated according to the official guide formula FPS 501 and FPS 403 were submitted to an independent laboratory, EUROFINS, for emissions testings after 28 days, according to the standard ISO 16000.

Material emissions of both coatings described hereabove responded to the best VOC emissions classes (A+) of total VOC labelling regulation (TVOC).

Hydro PLIOLITE® 050 and 055 allow to formulate high performance and environmentally friendly interior coatings.

Pliolite®, Hydro Pliolite®, Pliotec®, Plioway®, Polyfox£ et Mykon£ are trademarks of OMNOVA Solutions Inc.

* Booth C23 of its Distributor in France, IMCD

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