Orion showcases five key speciality carbon black pigments

23 September 2015

Orion Engineered Carbons (Booth B/9) will highlight five speciality carbon black pigments, including its new generation of treated Specialty Carbon Blacks, at ABRAFATI 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil, October 13-15.

COLOUR BLACK FW 255, SPECIAL BLACK 40, PRINTEX® 60, PRINTEX® 300 and LAMPBLACK 101 enable formulators to meet varying performance requirements across a wide range of transportation, structural and other industrial coatings applications.

Orion’s Mark Dingeldein, Technical Market Manager Coatings, will deliver "Carbon Black Pigments: New Innovations and Existing Products for the South American Market," on October 13 th at 3:00 p.m. in the presentation area.

The first of Orion’s new generation of after-treated grades, COLOUR BLACK FW 255 Carbon Black pigment sets a new standard for high jetness, coloristic performance and compatibility with both water- and solvent-based systems. It enables formulators to maintain performance and coloristic properties while migrating to water-borne formulations.

"COLOUR BLACK FW 255 works very well in automotive OEM and refinish systems,” says Dingledein. "Original equipment manufacturers will want to consider this grade when formulating their next generation of coatings.”

SPECIAL BLACK 40, Orion‘s second new-generation grade, provides exceptional dispersibility and stability in industrial applications. It is designed for medium- to high-jet coatings, and provides universal compatibility in both aqueous and solvent systems, providing formulators with enormous flexibility.

PRINTEX® 60, used mainly in primers and industrial coatings, is a high-jet, highly dispersible Carbon Black pigment that strikes a balance between excellent performance and cost.

PRINTEX 300 features a small particle size and medium structure, and is suitable for many industrial coating and powder coating applications.

LAMPBLACK 101 features excellent stability and high-speed dispersibility, along with conductivity at some concentrations. It is used primarily in transportation and structural coatings.

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