Paint binder industrial filtration with Russell Finex

13 October 2023

Zydex Industries Pvt Ltd, a leading speciality chemical manufacturer, focuses on sustainable solutions in agriculture, textiles, paints, waterproofing and roads. Its core product, ‘Paint Binders,’ is vital in the paint industry for pigment adhesion and coating cohesion.

To maintain binder quality, eliminating impurities and oversized particles is crucial but previous, manual processes caused quality issues and spills. Seeking a solution, Zydex Industries contacted Russell Finex, resulting in the purchase of two Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® units. These filters improved quality, reduced batch approval time and increased throughput by 50%.

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® efficiently safeguards liquids from contamination down to 15 microns and can be easily dismantled to minimise disruptions during colour batch changes.

Learn more about Russell Finex’s contributions to enhancing coatings production:

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