Penn Color to unveil its newest Technology Center in Singapore

14 December 2022

Penn Color Inc. will hold the Grand Opening celebration of its new Singapore Technology Center on January 10, 2023. This state-of-the-art facility will allow the organisation to be even closer to its Asia Pacific customers, and to better meet their needs. The Technology Center will be a place for brands, designers, converters, materials & equipment suppliers, to come together and harness their collective creative power to conceive, develop and validate new products.

The company’s team of experts in colour, functional additives and material science will work with clients every step of the way – from initial consultation through final delivery – ensuring that customers’ projects are a success. "As Penn Color keeps expanding its global footprint,” says Phil Riccardi, Penn Color’s Commercial Director, APAC, "this Technology Center brings many exciting new dimensions to the company.

"With an impressive track record as a fast-paced hub for economic growth and technological advancement, Singapore shows one of the highest concentrations of technical and design centres”, continues Riccardi. "In fact, many well-known global companies have chosen to locate their Asia Pacific facilities in Singapore, drawn by the city-state’s pro-business environment and highly skilled workforce. As a result, being in Singapore puts us right in the middle of some of the most dynamic markets in the world and provides our team with the ideal platform to work closely with global brands, as well as to bring our unique value proposition to new customers,” concludes Riccardi.

Penn Color is committed to offering the best possible experience for its clients, and that commitment is on full display at the new Singapore Technology Center. The centre was designed with input from thousands of hours spent with customers in Penn Color’s existing Technology Centers in the US and Europe, resulting in a bright, open space that is both welcoming and inspiring.

The laboratory provides access to a full set of capabilities and enabling technologies, specifically developed by Penn Color to accelerate design, prototyping and sampling. It flows seamlessly into the creative space, which is filled with natural light. Tropical elements and natural building materials define both communal areas to encourage communication and collaboration, and private offices for visitors to conduct confidential business. Visitors will feel right at home in this creative environment, making it the perfect place to conduct business and develop products.

"Every day, we listen to customers telling us that it is not enough to simply have good products: a great experience is what makes a difference,” says Nicolas Rivollet, Penn Color’s VP of Marketing. "The new Singapore Technology Center gives us the very exciting opportunity to take our customers on a design journey that is much different than what they are used to: with development made creative, agile, and transparent; with the right inspirational atmosphere for the teams to bring to life something unique and differentiated; with the ability to deliver in days what typically takes months. That’s the Penn Color experience.

"From concept to global scale, our Technology Centers in the USA, the Netherlands and now in Singapore give our customers an edge in the marketplace and help us take bold steps forward, especially in packaging and consumer goods applications.”

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