Portuguese promise – FEICA Conference 2015 Report

03 February 2016

The FEICA annual conferences never disappoint and this year was no exception. With some 500 delegates from more than 30 countries, the event in Vilamoura, Portugal, from September 9-11, proved a very popular destination. The conference content, venue and the weather, were perfect.
The FEICA President, Phil Derby (Bostik), ended his two-year term by saying that he is confident that FEICA will continue to grow from strength to strength and Bernard Ghyoot, Secretary General OC of FEICA, confirmed that: "FEICA’s yearly event is the place to gain essential insights into the industry”.
Incoming FEICA President, Steve Kenny (H B Fuller) stated that: "FEICA not only provides exceptional networking platforms through its various events but, as an association, it also strives to deliver the highest possible value for the industry it represents by actively contributing to the development and delivery of balanced European legislation and enabling our members to comply in a very cost competitive manner.
"FEICA also influences industry trends, helps to create a level playing field throughout the member states, defends the industry’s interests at a regional and global level, and generally assures its impeccable reputation in the public domain, as well as with the European Commission and related bodies is sustained and enhanced.”
The theme of this year’s conference’s plenary session was: Changing industries – Future focus and it was started wth two excellent keynote speakers – Kai Bandilla, Managing Partner at Simon – Kucher & Partners and Jim Lawless, acknowledged expert on change and team motivation.
Kai Bandilla shared the challenges ahead for value and price management. Many companies in the adhesive and sealant sector see innovation as the best way out of the price war in which they find themselves. However, more often than not, new products do not meet their profit target.
Through case studies and examples of price modelling, Kai explored practical tools for developing pricing strategies.
Never, never give up!
Jim Lawless described how, while giving a motivational speech he was asked by a delegate: "What have you ever done that’s exceptional?” The person challenged him to undertake horse race jockey training and take part in a race. Jim described how he succeeded in this challenge, overcoming the powerful personal fears of the unknown, which he calls ‘taming the tigers’.
The most remarkable feature of Jim’s presentation was when he managed to get virtually all delegates on their feet, bent over pretending to be jockeys. He also described how he was then prompted to attempt to break the British free diving record and went on to succeed.
The serious point of Jim’s presentation was to explain some of his rules for ‘taming tigers’. Jim’s final message to the audience was, "Never, never give up!” His presentation was entertaining, as well as informative.
The wide range of topics for 2015 ranged from game changing innovations for SMEs to how to reboot their business by reducing risk and accelerating growth in new applications.
With so many informative presentations from key speakers taking place during this three-day event, it is impossible to discuss them all here but, needless to say, all attendees found the conference programme, as well as the opportunity to network with customers, as good as in previous years.
The social events, as usual, were exceptional with the cocktail party held on the beach and the second evening was the Gala Dinner, where one ate and talked in a relaxed atmosphere.

The success of FEICA 2015 once more consolidated the conference’s position as the premier event for Europe’s adhesive and sealant industry. ”

Phil Derby (Bostik), President of FEICA (2013-2015)

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