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15 October 2013

Powder Coatings
14 The heat is on
Yellow iron oxide and zinc ferrites solve high temperature cured coatings according to Nubiola

18 Heat sensitive
DSM Coating Resins’ development of polyester resins prove suitable for metal applications

21 Outdoor protectionA touch coating for both interior and exterior applications is discussed by Rapid Coat Powder Coatings

Gloss & Colour Measurement

24 Pigment match
Datacolor’s latest offering in colour management analyses the pigment prior to matching

26 Adding new heights
Dow Corning’s additives enhance performance solutions

28 Competitive edge
Huntsman Advanced Materials looks at prepreg applications and their production for greater efficiencies

30 Liquid gold
High scratch and abrasion resistance are discussed using Evonik’s liquid silica nanocomposites

32 Heat barrier
Heat transfer in the automotive field solves OEMs needs by using Zircotec’s durable coating

Architectural Coatings36 Looking good
Aesthetics and enhanced appearance as well as sustainable coatings are leading the way as Bayer MaterialScience writes

Going Green
Special supplement

Major companies and associations worldwide provide updates and views on the latest sustainability initiatives

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