PPG Aerospace expands coatings training for customers in EMEA

21 July 2015

PPG Industries’ aerospace coatings group has expanded training opportunities for airline, airframe manufacturers and maintenance customers to enhance their understanding and facilitate application of aerospace coatings with the PPG Aerospace Coatings Academy. Sessions offering classroom instruction and hands-on training are being held quarterly at PPG’s Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona, Spain, coatings application training centre. Three programmes are planned this year and four for 2016.

According to Daniel Bencun, PPG Aerospace Coatings Segment Manager, Europe, Middle East and Africa, programmes are designed for participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of new coatings technologies that could enhance their competitive advantage.

"Aerospace coatings technologies are evolving at a fast pace and we want our customers to be able to understand their many advantages so that they can select, purchase and apply them with confidence,” Bencun said.

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